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Founder & tour guide

Dan Kaminsky

Dan was born, raised, and still lives in Brooklyn, New York. From Palestine to Chiapas Mexico, labor organizing to the environmental movement, he's been involved in organizing efforts of one kind or another throughout most of his adult life. Dan started giving tours as a day job to help get through school and pay rent. He began to dream up a project to run tours about the issues he cared deeply about, and thus began to study. The more Dan studied the more he began to look at the city in new ways; seeing things he hadn't seen before, and understanding processes and trends in a new light. The more he learned, the less he realized he knew, and the more shocked he became at the stories he learned. Dan hopes to share this information and passion with all of you.

Current Tours
Trump Tour
Gentrification in Williamsburg
People's History of Lower Manhattan

Tour guide

Michael Higgins Jr.

Michael is a member turned organizer at FUREE. He first joined the Accountable Development campaign, before engaging more deeply in work around public housing. He is now lead organizer within FUREE, teaching and building leadership with members around environmental justice, civic participation and further inclusion of public housing in the greater housing justice movement in New York City. Michael’s interests include language learning, history and political economy as well as organizing on housing issues and city governance over areas such as education and transportation.

Current Tours
Environmental Justice in Gowanus
Gentrification in Downtown Brooklyn


Tour Guide

Jay Toole

Jay is Co-Founder and Shelter Director at Queers for Economic Justice, a progressive non-profit org. committed to promoting economic justice in a context of sexual and gender liberation. Jay spearheaded movements at QEJ, which resulted in 2 written policy changes at the Dept. of Homeless Services and the City of New York. In 2006 transgender folks were ensured the right to self determine which side of the shelter system to enter, and in 2007 a policy was created for homeless queer families to be housed and sheltered together. These policies continue to be honored today, and because of Jay’s work, QEJ became the first and only LGBTQ organization to facilitate support groups for queer individuals inside the shelter system. Jay has since begun a new chapter, moving forward with her long time dream of Jay’s House. Currently she is working alongside her team to create the very first LGBTQ adult shelter in the country.

Find out more about Jay at Jay Toole Speaks.

Current Tours
Queer History of the Village

Tour Guide

Tara Bahna-James

Tara is a writer, musician, foodie and mom who grew up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. An amateur ethicist and practicing vegan since 2004, she is delighted to be offering the first Vegan Food Tour of the Lower East Side through Social Justice Tours. She holds a BA from Yale University in Religion and Theater, an MFA in Musical Theater Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and is the author of Journey Toward Compassionate Choice: Integrating Vegan and Sistah Experience, published in the Sistah Vegan Anthology (Lantern Books, 2009. ed. A. Breeze Harper) and The Art of Truth-telling, published in Sister Species (University of Illinois Press, 2011. ed. Lisa Kemmerer).

Current Tours
Vegan Food of the Lower East Side