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Trump Tower was built using mafia connections and the exploitation of immigrant workers.


Social Justice Tours engages New Yorkers in critical dialogue by exposing injustice and highlighting inequality in an effort to encourage thought and inspire action.


Vegan Food of the Lower East Side

Designed to appeal to experienced veganistas and curious omnivores alike, this tour will take you through obvious and not-so-obvious sources of exceptional cruelty-free grub in this Manhattan Mecca.


Property values in Williamsburg have risen 174%

Since the 2005 rezoning.

Gentrification in Williamsburg

Why is this neighborhood getting so expensive? Who allowed all of these luxury waterfront skyscrapers and how did they come in? What are the hidden histories behind the changes happening in this area? Discover the answers to these questions and more on this eye-opening tour.


NYC had the second most active slave port in the US.

Right behind Charleston, South Carolina.

People's History of Lower Manhattan

Walking around Lower Manhattan, you wouldn't necessarily know it's the site of massacres, genocides and slavery. Nor would the histories of financial corruption and Islamophobia jump out at you—unless you knew what to look for...


Queer History of the West Village

Learn your queer history from a queer legend. In this walking tour through the West Village, Jay Toole takes us on a personal journey back to the queer '60s, sharing historic moments and pointing out important sites along the way.


The Real Bowling Green Massacre

Last year, Kellyanne Conway invented what she called the Bowling Green Massacre to justify Trump’s travel ban, but the real Bowling Green Massacre shows us that elites have always pitted whites against people of color in order to gain power, land, or influence.



Watch as we expose Trump on tour with NowThis

Prior to his presidency, Trump was a real estate developer who massively changed the face and built environment of New York City. Learn more about his history, how he helped push this city into one that caters to billionaires, and how the government and other agencies supported his rise.

Donald Trump's Failures, A Tour

Donald Trump’s failures, a tour

Posted by NowThis Politics on Thursday, December 7, 2017