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Social Justice Walking Tours uses tours as a medium to dig beneath the surface of what New Yorkers regularly see. We aim to engage New Yorkers in a critical dialogue about the past, present and future of our city, from the perspective of marginalized populations. The ultimate aim is to assist in movement building; that is to disperse information, expose injustice, and highlight inequality in a digestible, understandable way to encourage thought and inspire action.

Tour Guide

My name is Dan, and I was born, raised, and still live in Brooklyn, NYC. From Palestine to Chiapas Mexico, and Labor organizing to the environmental movement, I have been involved in organizing efforts of one kind or another throughout most of my adult life. I started giving tours as a day job to help me through school and help me pay rent. I began to dream up a project where I ran tours about the issues I cared deeply about, and thus began to study. The more I studied the more I began to look at the city in new ways; seeing things I hadn't seen before, and understanding processes and trends in a new light. The more I learned, the less I realized I knew, and the more shocked I became at the stories learned. I hope to share this information and passion with all of you.

Trump Tour

Within the midtown area we are able to get the full spectrum of the trump story and his rise to power. The tour will focus on three main things. The first is looking into the man himself and his history. He is well connected with organized crime, illicit activity and corrupt dealings, and looking into his history in New York gives us a window into that. The second is how he, as a symbol for real estate at large, has massively changed New York’s built environment to cater to a billionaire class at the expense of working New Yorkers. The third, potentially most important, is looking at the systemic nature of trump’s rise in New York. What trump has done is about a lot more than the single individual, and by looking at the agencies, actors and government institutions that have supported his rise, we can come away with a larger societal understanding of justice in our country.

People’s History of Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is the foundation of western society in New York. Yet, the vast majority of New York history is non western. We start the tour with an overview of Indigenous history in NYC. We then move on to walk through slave history of New York, checking out a former slave market, the burial ground, and a stop on the underground railroad. We then move on to discuss wall street corruption, with a particular emphasis on what happened in the 2008 financial crisis.

Gentrification in Williamsburg

This two and a half hour long tour of Williamsburg highlights two main themes: Gentrification and Environmental Justice. Williamsburg offers an extreme example of both of these broader themes, and thus makes a very interesting case-study neighborhood in which to delve into these issues. The roots of gentrification and the detailed history of the cause of such rapid change will be covered in depth. This tour gives participants detailed information that will enable them to understand the topic of gentrification, why it is happening, its history, who benefits, and what is driving it. The same is true of the backstory of the environmental justice movement in the area.

Private Tours

Are you a school group, church group, community organization or other group that wants a tour for your group only? We would be happy to set up a time and date that works for you to give a tour to your specific group. Contact us at and we'll get back to you with rates, dates, times, and any other information you may need.


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